How To Write Great Content – Fast

How To Write Great Content – Fast

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Blogging is among the most practical SEO and online marketing strategies that a business can make use of. The value of developing quality and meaningful blogs regularly are largely underrated. Look at some of the following statistics:


Blogging attracts 55% more website visitors


Blogging produces 97% more inbound links and 126% more leads


Blogging yields 434% more indexed pages in search engines


With all the SEO and online marketing rewards, there’s no surprise why there are so many online blogs these days. Putting together useful content on a regular basis has become more valued than ever before. So how do bloggers develop quality content fast? This article strives to show you how.


Use Templates


There’s nothing worse than looking at a blank page and not knowing where to begin. One practical solution to this plaguing issue is to make use of templates. There’s a reason why experienced online marketing and digital agencies use templates– because they work!


There is only a small number of various blog types– How to, essay, review, interview, etc. Having a standard template for various blog types is an useful way to elude hours of procrastination. Templates give you the structure for composing an article, making it possible for you to commence any place you like. You do not have to invest hours building intricate templates for every blog type. Just spend an hour tomorrow making templates for every blog type and see how it suits you.


When new ideas strike, write them down!


Unquestionably, the most troublesome component of writing is thinking of a good idea. Sitting down and attempting to think of new ideas can be a tormenting process. It’s never easy to come up with ideas under pressure, but when you’re in the shower or attempting to sleep, they never seem to end! It’s usual for ideas to come at random moments, so when they do, write them down. You don’t need to keep a pen and paper in your bag day in and day out. There are several apps that are convenient and simple to work with.


Apple Notes – for those with an iPhone, this is a built-in application that also syncs with your iMac.


Evernote – a great app that you can use on your phone or computer, which also synchronizes with both devices.


Springpad – If you like to use different multimedia for example, audio, video or picture notes, this application will be superb for you.


Write in your own voice


One of the biggest tricks of proficient writers is to write in one’s own voice. Lots of writers make this basic mistake for a large number of reasons– they may not be confident enough or they may think a different voice appears more practical. The fact of the matter is that each person has their own distinct style and tone.


When you attempt to write in somebody else’s voice, it just does not sound natural and takes a substantial amount of time to make it sound genuine. Various writers may also try to twist or redefine their personal style, eager to sound more like their favourite writers. But this is simply swimming against the current. Search for your own voice, adopt an attractive tone and you will write much better content a lot quicker.


Get rid of distractions


Writing takes a lot of mind power, so it’s easy to succumb to temptations like Facebook, Twitter or TV now and then. Locate a peaceful place with no distractions and you’ll be surprised at how much better and faster you’ll write. Distractions not only consume time, but they make it harder for you to start writing again, creating an unproductive cycle that is hard to abandon.


If you cannot prevent background noise like myself (wife and three kids at home), consider listening to some music that can help drown out the noise. Alternatively take your work someplace else, such as a library or café, to make it easier to concentrate.


Write the Introduction Last


My personal favourite pointer is to write the introduction last! The introduction is typically the most crucial and time-consuming aspect of the writing process. It proposes the ideas, arguments and direction of the rest of the piece, so it’s always practical to write it last. You may discover additional ideas when writing the bulk of your article, so you can conserve a great deal of time editing by simply leaving the intro to the end.


If you adhere to these steps, I’m sure you’ll discover that your writing quality and speed will improve noticeably. Despite this, time pressures generally make it too difficult for you to manage a regular blog. In these cases, why not outsource to a digital agency or online marketing company? You will find that the costs of doing so will be worth the SEO improvements. For a trusted and trustworthy digital agency who can assist you with your writing demands, contact Internet Marketing Experts Gold Coast on 1300 595 013 or visit


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