Google AdWords Management Gold Coast – Do people really take notice of your ads?

Google AdWords Management Gold Coast – Do people really take notice of your ads?

Google AdWords Management is a critical part in any SEO and Marketing campaign because if you just leave your ad alone after creating it, you will certainly not be flexible enough to actually get the outcomes you want.

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Far too many business simply dabble with Google AdWords, spend $5 on a pathetically created ad, and then leave it in the vain hope that it will create some new business for them. If you are a business in Gold Coast (or anywhere really) This is not what you want to be doing. So what should you be doing? Well I wish to talk you through 4 really basic ideas that will help you to visualise and keep track of a successful ad campaign.

True Meaning of AdWords – getting to know all functions.

There are in fact 2 versions of AdWords. It may seem to be a tad noticeable to you if you have used AdWords a few times, but for those of you just grazing the surface, you may not have realised it yet. So the first version is regular AdWords, and there is AdWords express. If you are a local Gold Coast company then chances are that you would have been urged at the start of signing up for AdWords to run an ad campaign through express (it assesses the size of your business from your web page and makes a suggestion) if this is the case, I would like you to try to find the regular AdWords and start using that because it is far more dynamic and has amazing features like more accurate targeting so you can reach your Gold Coast potential customers more successfully. And also the Keyword Planner tool (Found under the ‘tools’ section) which allows you to research keyword ideas. You can get regular AdWords by just searching for AdWords and following the cues, but keep in mind that the two systems don’t share campaigns. This means that if you have begun an ad with Express, you won’t have the ability to see it in the other program.


$5 will by no means see any real results– and not just due to the fact that results cost more, but because you have to have a bigger project in order to actually see the effective aspects, and the not-so-successful parts. A great way to figure out a budget is to use the keyword planner tool. Search for a keyword that you want to use, and then use the cost slider to find out the rough cost that you should be aiming at. You will notice that there is a curve, – you typically want to try and find the point on the curve towards the top but in which the cost and reach is almost balanced. This will mean you will get the biggest reach for the most economic amount. At the end of the day though, in some cases you just need to consider how much you want to lose, and just need to take a little gamble. Whether it is $50, $100 or $500, often in business you must have a bit of a leap of faith to find out what will help you.

Monitoring your ad.

This is the step that far too many people ignore because they don’t know that you get metrics from a campaign. You can actually measure and watch to see how many people interact with it, when this interaction happens, and just how much it is costing you each time. So why keep track of this? Well it will make sure that you are seeing what works for your ad, and also allow you to pull the plug if it is just wasting money. My advice though would be to let the ad run for at minimum 5 days to allow it settle into a routine– because often ads will get a big boost at the start that gives you false assumptions about its effectiveness. So pay attention to it and don’t be afraid to start again with new strategies.

So why should you rely on my advice? I am actually the CEO of Internet Marketing Experts Gold Coast, and I have worked in this business extensively. I have started by managing a small business myself, and I have had to figure out how to use SEO and AdWords myself. And trust me, it took a lot of trial and error. I now run an extremely successful SEO agency that specialises in many areas including Google AdWords management. So If you are looking for more information about what to hunt for in a successful Google AdWords campaign, or wish to talk to an SEO agency to improve your business even further, then phone us on 1300 595 013 or visit our website:

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